Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nurse vacancy In Qatar Petroleum

Dear all nurses in whole world,

This is Nurse vacancy In Qatar Petroleum good info to nurses who looking for a new job,or even you have had been already good job, so you can compare or want to move to other area with the good chance in Nurse vacancy In Qatar Petroleum , why because Nurse vacancy In Qatar Petroleum offering best reward to nurses who have qualification as well as they needed.

Qatar Petroleum is one of biggest company that produce oil and gases offering many jobs opportunities, one of them is Nurse vacancy In Qatar Petroleum nurse jobs.

Are you nurses who have experiences more than 5 years or more, you like challenging jobs in oil and gas area who will place you in offshore or onshore, if you are nurses who have qualified of ACLS , ATLS, emergency background and ambulance skill so what are you waiting for, let,s join with Qatar Petroleum in Nurse vacancy In Qatar Petroleum to increase your benefits.

Qatar Petroleum offering many benefits to you as a following:

* Salary attractive more than $1500 per month
* Full accommodation
* Biannual leave in year
* Full health insurance
* Free air plane ticket till your destination place when you are vacation
* Free education for your children
* Allowed to your spouse settle with you
* Many others benefits

Why you still conscious about Nurse vacancy In Qatar Petroleum , wary, let's open your eyes, you want to get more information, visit to Qatar Petroleum web site.
you can apply HERE will be bring you to application form, prepare requirements that they need and keep on your computer document, as a below:

* C.V.
* ATLS certificate
* ACLS certificate
* Experience background
* Other certificate if you have it
* Certificate of your Nursing Study ( Diploma or BSN

Try to get chance and quick online apply.
For Indonesian Applicants, please contact to PT. Guna MandiriThank for your attention.

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  1. Hi,It is an unincorporated entity without legal personality. However, it must specify its objectives, as well as the rights and obligations within Registered Agents in Qatar of the partners, and how profits and losses are to be distributed between the partners.Thanks....